We have the widest international network of highly trained and certified engineers for pre and post sale support.

The knowledge of our team is second to none. Our international network of engineers and technicians is fully trained and certified; have decades of expertise and hundreds of boiler, ecological waste disposal facilities, commercial laundries and kitchens installations in their resume.


We care about what you care about. The sum of our knowledge, highest quality products, and dedication to our customers, providing a superior experience, allows us to customize our service to meet your needs.

Companies that last over time realize that their customers are the fundamental reason of his being and existence. Optimal care Pre and Post Sales is our commitment.


We ship internationally to all continents. Our expertise in export operations and management enable us to send your equipment and spare parts via air or sea to the place where you need it, in the time you require.

We specialize in finding the equipment or parts you need and committed to achieving lower prices and thus adding the highest quality standards of service.


1414 NW 107th Ave, Ste. 414
Doral, FL 33172
United States


Texas Branch

13355 Noel Road, Ste. 1100
Dallas, TX 75240
United States