Everlasting Valve Co. is a leading manufacturer of high quality valves for Process service; Pneumatic Conveying; Diverting of abrasive, erosive media and Boiler Blow Down. If you are repairing or replacing the installed valve more than once a year, this is the valve for your application. ISO 9001 Certified.



Self-lapping and self-cleaning, our Process Valves offer the longest service life, reduced maintenance costs and downtime, and the assurance of a tight shut-off. Whatever your industry or application, Everlasting Valve’s Process Valves can meet all your requirements while helping you increase production and profit.

Everlasting Valve’s Process Valves are used all over the world for reactor loading, lockhoppers, pneumatic conveying systems, vessel discharge, and slurry applications. Features include: 1- and 2-way-off; manual; pneumatic, hydraulic, electric actuators; construction of carbon, stainless steels and other alloys.

Applications include: petroleum refineries catalysts, chemical plant reactor loading, pneumatic conveying, inorganic chemicals, and line diverters. If you’re repairing or replacing an installed valve more than once a year, it’s time to switch to Everlasting Valve for a solution that will look great on your bottom line.



Self-cleaning, self-lapping, full-ported and abrasion-resistant, the Everlasting Diverter Valve incorporates our patented Rotating Disc Valve technology to deliver a consistently superior, long-lasting performance.

Our Diverter Valves can handle erosive slurries, abrasive solids and dry powders, including: Portland Cement, bottom and fly ash, titanium dioxide, tabluar alumina, alumina silica, kaolin, Raney nickel catalysts and metal silicon powders. They are ideal when conveying or pumping to multiple vessels or storage silos. Compared to other diverters, Everlasting Diverter Valves eliminate wasted time, downstream line plugging, full fringe bins and off-quality silos, resulting in significant savings in terms of parts, labor and lost production.

Everlasting Diverter Valves are constructed of cast iron, carbon steel, or stainless steel; other alloys are selected to suit your particular application. Disc and seats are solid hardened alloys in the 38RC to 59RC range for long life in abrasive media. Our Diverter Valves are designed to ANSI codes and Everlasting Valve will fabricate the valve to meet your process conditions. Various end connection configurations are available including DIN flanges.



The Everlasting Valve BMV series implements the same proven, patented rotating disc and seat design that Everlasting Valve is known for.

If you’re currently facing repair or replacement more than once a year, our BMV can significantly lower your maintenance costs and downtime. It is ideally suited to withstand tough applications, including: dry solids dense and dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems for transporter fill valve, discharge, vent and filling applications, transfer lines, under baghouses, silos, cyclones, ESPs and dust collectors.

Installing two BMVs in a wye fitting (Y fitting) produces an effective Diverter that can be used to divert as well as mix or completely stop any media flow. Everlasting BMVs and Diverters are excellent in fly ash, Portland cement, kiln dust, alumina hydrate, alumina silica, calcined kaolin, sugar, titanium dioxide, ilmenite and rutile ores, pet coke, coal, catalyst and many other abrasives.



Everlasting Boiler Blowdown Valves incorporate our patented, Rotating Disc Valve technology for a consistently superior, long-lasting performance.

These manual on-off valves effectively blow down sludge formed in steam boilers. They are available in quick opening and slow opening straight and angle configurations, for applications that include steam boiler blow down, surface blow down, water column drain, and shut-off and stop valves. Our Boiler Blowdown Valves are based on ASME boiler and pressure vessel section 1 codes and ANSI B16.31 power piping codes. If you’ve been repairing or replacing valves more than once year, it’s time to switch to Everlasting Valve for a solution that can significantly lower your maintenance costs and downtime.